Hello to all of you who stop by and read these writings that I post on here!  After what has been a bit of a break we have moved into a new investigation that is unlike most that we have done before.  While we have had residential situations, we have not had one like this one from Canyon Lake, Texas.  One factor that distinguishes it from all the rest is the fact that unraveling this mystery is going to take a considerable amount of time and research as there are a multitude of factors that must be considered.

Among the most important of factors is the fact that we have not only a client who is affected by a malevolent entity, but her 10 year old son as well.  We have seen drawings on the roof, the mattress, the toy box, and stickers placed on the roof in what can only be identified as a Sigil of some sort.  The client herself experiences nightmares to include torture on a regular basis.  In addition to this the issue of a foul odor is also present, but we have determined this is not a demonic case.

Past history on this case includes the use and burning of a Ouija board and activity with the client prior to use of that board at the age of 12.  Early predictions are that for sure the client is what we would call a "haunted person" and it is possible at this point that this entity is being passed down as well.  While these are early predictions, great research is being done to either prove or disprove these theories and to unravel the issue of the Native American Spirit as well.

Other contributing factors at this point are proximity to a river and a lake as well as a house on a giant bed of limestone; a well known paranormal conductor.  In a nutshell, this is going to be one our biggest cases to date and we can only hope to resolve this situation in a timely manner as t
Greetings to all of you!

I realize that it has been quite sometime since anything has been written on here at all.  I apologize for that as I have been a bit occupied with a recent change in profession that has required training which is lasting through April of 2011.

We are already beginning to work toward planning new places to visit and mysteries to unravel.  Among those will be another trip to the Menger, Presidio La Bahia, and various other destinations as they come up.

I would like to personally thank each one of you for your continued support of this team.  I realize it has been disappointing to see no new material and that is my own fault.  I should have kept you all posted on things.  Rest assured we are not dead in the water and we will be back and ready to go after April 29th, 2011.


Kaban Mathias