Well, after what has been over a month we are finally up and running! All equipment has been delivered and we have even added stock to our inventory that is not yet updated on this website.  After a great deal of effort we were able to get our first t-shirts completed and are excited about the opportunity to wear them on our upcoming investigation.  That investigation will occur today, and as a team we are excited to have the opportunity to perform this residential investigation and provide the answers that our client is looking for.

Each of us would like to thank all of you who have visited this site on a daily basis or even popped by.  Without your help no one would know that we exist.  Granted, there is still a great deal of growing to do but slow and steady wins the race!

Look forward to our investigation updates which should be up within the course of the next two weeks or so.  I am hoping to be able to provide photos, video, and some EVP.  Only time will tell on this one!  Lets just hope that the spirits would like to come out and visit today!